Alejandro Rico-Guevara


Hummingbird and Flowers Project

In collaboration with Dr. Kristiina Hurme, we are using iNaturalist to collect photographs of wild hummingbirds feeding on flowers. Studies suggest that the local abundance and diversity of hummingbirds are dependent on seasonal food plant abundance.

By gathering data on the preferred plants of various hummingbird species, in addition to the timing of flower production in different areas, we can assess how plant abundance is affecting hummingbird populations.

Citizen scientists are contributing to our research by uploading their observations of hummingbirds drinking from flowers!


Scientific advisor

I collaborated on the short film SECRETS OF THE HUMMINGBIRD’S TONGUE, from Image Science Films. This project is included in the documentary “First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s Story”.

Dr. Kristiina Hurme and I were invited to be scientific advisors on the documentary HUMMINGBIRDS: JEWELLED MESSENGERS, from Terra Mater Factual Studios, and narrated by David Attenborough. To see the scenes we helped to film, click here


Writing for the public (The Conversation)

With their enchanting appeal and unique physical capabilities, hummingbirds captivate people of all ages. As such, they serve as ambassadors to the natural world, which can foster public appreciation for scientific and conservation efforts aimed at preserving these fascinating birds, and the biodiversity upon which they depend.